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About me :

I’m Yashna Agarwal. My profound love for nature, minimalism, and my everlasting passion for jewelry have ignited the spark in me to create Bejeweled.

As much as I adore diamonds, I deeply admire natural gemstones for their beauty, vibrant colors, and positive energies. This is why I believe gemstones add so much more beauty to a piece of jewelry.

Bejeweled is all about jewelry that beautifully captures your personality, resonates with your soul, tells your story, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of each individual in a piece of charm.

About us :

As a dynamic startup in the world of jewelry, BeJeweled brings a meaningful, modern, playful, and inspirational approach to adornment.

Personalized Charms: Your Story, Your Jewel
At Bejeweled, we specialize in crafting personalized charms jewelry that resonates with your personality and cherished memories. Our iconic charms bracelet embodies the timeless essence of our collection, designed to beautifully tell your story.

Nature’s Embrace
Nature is our major inspiration and the core of our creations. I’m drawn to the magic, beauty, and vibrant colors of natural gemstones and their healing energies. Creating miniature animal-inspired charms is my way of expressing love and admiration for nature.

Affordable Elegance
Our belief is simple – jewelry should be accessible and affordable without compromising on beauty and quality. Bejeweled also offers modern and minimalist pieces that complement your style while expressing your heart.

Engraved to express: Making Memories Last Forever
Making Memories Last Forever Your jewelry becomes your canvas with Bejeweled. Our engraving services allow you to express your sentiments, beliefs, and stories on your cherished pieces, ensuring they become timeless keepsakes.

Gifts That Truly Matter: Personalized to Perfection
Bejeweled creations are more than just gifts; they are meaningful gestures. Our personalized touch ensures that each piece becomes a memory to treasure forever. It’s not just a gift; it’s an emotion.

Local Craftsmanship:
Situated in Hyderabad, our manufacturing setup brings precision, perfection, and authenticity to every piece. We pay extra attention to the details.

Beyond Design: Empowering Confidence

Empowering Confidence For us, jewelry transcends aesthetics. It’s an expression of self-identity and confidence. With Bejeweled, you don’t just wear jewelry – you wear a piece of your story.

Discover the world of Bejeweled – embrace your amazing journey, one charm at a time.

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